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Over 10 years' experience with creative copywriting, advertising and web design services...

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Content Creation

Product descriptions, digital content, blogs, infographics, social media posts, emails, white papers, e-books...

Creative Copywriting

Headlines, straplines, tone of voice, brand guidelines, ads, sales letters and emails, PPC content landing pages...

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Print media, academic, translation proofing, stylistic proofreading, medical, legal...

Custom Website Design

Bespoke website creation, versatile and user-friendly, search engine optimised...

Logo Design

Professional logos designed to boost your brand's identity; suitable for all platforms and any dimension or size.

SEO Services

On-page, off-page, meta content, geographical SEO; targeted, informed and designed to propel your business in search.

JB’s work with Clarify has been exceptional. The utmost professionalism was delivered across a diverse array of content on numerous outsourced projects. My expectations were consistently matched and exceeded – impressive.

If you want to retain your existing customers and attract new ones, you better believe you need to get on top of content creation.

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Amount of online purchases that are the direct result of a customer reading a blog

Content is king

When it comes to business growth through your online channels, content is king. And if you want to climb up the steps and stay sat on the throne, post regularly and post consistently.

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How much more traffic compelling copy draws compared to websites without pro content

It’s easy to get sucked into self-promotion – your latest deals and achievements, but when you’re providing free and useful information to your audience, you stand the best chance of maximising your business growth.

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How many more leads small/medium businesses that use content marketing get compared to those that don't

Business Growth

And there’s no marketing like content marketing for getting a great return on investment.

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On average, how much less content marketing costs than traditional marketing

Content JB Produces

Whichever content marketing strategy you want, JB is here to provide the goods.

New to content marketing and need a professional, effective strategy? JB can examine your business model and create a content plan that’ll have you skipping up the search engine rankings.

Already have a strategy in place? I can create top-notch content that blows the competition away and your customers’ socks off.

JB generates top-quality content and always goes the extra mile to make sure expectations are exceeded – truly talented.

When it comes to grabbing attention for your products or services, creative copywriting is practically a megaphone – one that has the power to hypnotise.

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How much more traffic compelling copy draws compared to websites without creative content

JB creative copywriting is where it’s at if you want strategic, imaginative conceptual word-wrangling to promote your services in a captivating way.

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How many more conversions freelance copywriting can give businesses

It’s all about finding out what’s unique about your offering, and then translating that into subtle, persuasive messaging that will have ’em handing over dough before they know they’ve got their wallet in-hand.

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The amount of people that are turned off by content that sounds like a sales pitch

JB is a fantastic Copywriter. He has the knowledge and eye for detail that all copywriters need – but also is confident to suggest changes and improvements outside of his remit if he feels it would benefit the piece.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Jamie's work

You’ve got content, you’re happy with the message, the tone, the style. Nice one. Don’t fall at the last hurdle though. Having your content checked by a professional proofreader makes all the difference…

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The amount of readers you could lose through bad spelling and grammar

Got bundles of great ideas but struggling to translate them into strong messages that reflect your brand? The JB copy editing service can iron it all out for you – making your content powerful as punch and crystal clear.

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How many more conversions freelance copywriting can give businesses

JB is a wonderful Editor – extremely patient and focused. He goes above and beyond. Anyone who has the chance to work with him will walk away affected by his strong work ethic and enthusiastic personality.

Websites; they’re the online shop window for your business. And I’m guessing, you want your shop window to look nice, perform well and entice people inside?

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The amount of people that base their buying decisions on the credibility of a website – its visual appeal and aesthetics

What you get with JB customised web design services:

  • Modern, vibrant designs
  • Responsive, fast sites
  • Optimised for all devices and SEO
  • A cost-effective, fully managed service
  • Professional, friendly support
  • Top-drawer hosting and CMS
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The amount of people that will stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device

The Coronavirus brought up a few problems while reopening my restaurant, one of which was not being able to meet with and discuss the building of my new website.

Unfazed, JB reassured me and came up with a template which we discussed and changed around a little and led to what we have in place now.

I'm a bit of a technophobe, so the support and professionalism from JB was very reassuring during an extremely difficult time.

Not only has he produced a website which works extremely well, but he has been in contact a number of times to ask if everything is working as I wanted.

With his can-do attitude, nothing seems to faze him. Thank you.

Your logo is what anyone will see first when they come across your business – it’s responsible for giving a great impression and kick-starting the customer journey.

Better make it a good one that makes ’em want to stick around then.

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How much your brand recognition can increase by with an effective, iconic logo

With JB Logo Design, you get a thorough and flexible service.

Have some ideas you want to incorporate? No problem. Not got a clue what you want? Then get ready for a range of exceptional designs to choose from.

All platforms and colour requirements are covered as standard.

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How long it takes for someone to form an opinion on your logo – thus your brand

I had an initial idea and JB worked extremely hard developing that idea into the logo I now have, which says exactly what I need it to.

JB took the time to understand my business, produced a number of examples, showed great attention to detail, was extremely experienced, and very patient.

My queries and questions were always responded to extremely promptly and the time was taken to explain concepts, which I found most helpful.

I wholeheartedly recommend JB to design a professional logo.

Offering awesome products and brilliant services is great, but if you want your audience to notice your business, you’ve got to put it in front of them.

How do you do this when you’re so busy and there’s so much competition? With first-rate search engine optimisation.

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The amount of website traffic that comes from organic search results

JB SEO services couldn’t be more thorough. On-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, competitor and market research and analysis, in-depth content strategies and estimations, monitoring and development…

Quite simply, expect your search rankings to improve, and continue improving.

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How many more conversions SEO brings compared to traditional marketing

JB's attention to detail and complete understanding of what was required made him an absolute asset. His thorough investigation into the client's needs, as well as his knowledge of SEO meant he was a pleasure to work with as he made the jobs of myself and my team so much easier.

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